OpenAI Dota 2 bot played 7,257 competitive games against human players and lost 42

From April 18th to the 21st, OpenAI (a non-profit artificial research organization) let its Dota 2 bot play 7,257 competitive games against human players, where it achieved a 99.4 percent win rate.
Surprisingly the bot lost 42 games, which one team single handily won 10 times, clearly outsmarting the bot. Additionally, only three other teams were able to win more than three games in a row.
The bot, founded by Tesla creator Elon Musk, goes by the name OpenAI Five, as it can play five on five matches against human. OpenAI Five features machine learning as the bot can learn by playing 180 years worth of games with itself every day.
Tournament wise, the bot spent 10.7 years worth of playing against 30,937 human players.
According to VentureBeat, this was OpenAI’s last public demonstration, but the team will continue to work on OpenAI Five.
“The beauty of this technology is that it doesn’t even know it’s [playing] Dota … It’s about letting people connect the strange, exotic but still very t..

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Waymo’s new factory in Detroit to retrofit cars with self-driving hardware

Alphabet-owned self-driving company Waymo has selected an old factory in Detroit, Michigan to build its self-driving vehicle components.
Waymo is calling this building the worlds first factory that’s 100 percent dedicated to producing level 4 driverless vehicles. The company isn’t building this factory alone either. It’s partnering with American Axle & Manufacturing to repurpose an existing facility.
The self-driving company hasn’t shared many details of what exactly it’s building at the new location, but it will likely involve retrofitting vehicles with its self-driving hardware. Perhaps with a full factory workforce, it can better integrate its hardware into the vehicles it’s using.
The company mentioned in an earlier blog post that it in part chose Michigan so it can better test its autonomous vehicles in snowy conditions. Snow is one of the biggest hurdles for self-driving vehicles since it adds so much interference to all of the sensors the cars are using.
Source: Waymo
The post W..

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Six months of LastPass Premium free with educational email address

So maybe you’re a student or you work at a university and you’ve recently learned that good password security is very important. If so, good news! LastPass is offering six months free of its premium service to people with a valid email address from an education institution.
LastPass is a password manager with support for syncing to browsers like Chrome and Safari, as well as mobile devices. You can generate and store strong passwords with letters, numbers and characters so you don’t need to memorize them.
The password manager also helps reset weaker passwords through its security challenge feature.
With Apple’s iOS 12 update and Android 6.0 or later, LastPass even supports fingerprint or facial recognition to unlock your password vault. The latest iOS release allows users to automatically insert credentials into web forms and apps.
Source: Red Flag Deals
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Agile Design Sets the Standard for Workplace Effectiveness

The phrase “Move fast and break things” is a pretty common one when it comes to innovation. This slogan is an approach to work that glorifies experimenting without fear of failure until a solution or breakthrough is found. What that phrase is not, however, is something one would expect to hear from a design and architecture firm. Unless that firm is Gensler.

As one of the most well-known workplace design organizations in the world, Gensler knows what makes a space beautiful. To get to that point, Gensler had to become a leader in understanding workplace effectiveness through decidedly non-aesthetic measuring points, such as data, benchmarks, and client iteration

Workplaces that work
Employees are more acutely aware of their workspaces than any generation before. For the new school of innovation-first businesses, founders are happy to leave behind the windowless cubicles and unstocked vending machines in search of better surroundings that could inspire innovation, diversity of thought..

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Apple could be working on Apple Pencil paintbrush accessory with haptic feedback

A new Apple patent hints that an upcoming version of the Apple Pencil could feature a changeable tip that resembles a traditional paintbrush.
The patent goes on to say that the paintbrush will be able to simulate the feeling of using a paintbrush through haptic feedback. This vibration could also be applied to make the Apple Pencil feel like a pen, pencil or marker.
Below is a brief excerpt from the lengthy patent filing:
“According to some embodiments, an electronic stylus for use with an electronic device having a display assembly overlaid by a protective layer, the display assembly including a touch sensitive surface that overlays a display, is described. The electronic stylus can include a housing that carries components, where the components can include flexible contact members disposed at a distal end of the housing, and at least some of which are capable of independently flexing relative to one another when contacting the protective layer…”
Though the possibility of using an act..

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Beyoncé’s award-winning album Lemonade is available on Spotify, Apple Music and more

Lemonade, Beyoncé’s 2016 smash album, is finally available on other streaming services besides Tidal like Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music.
The album came out on April 23rd, 2016 alongside a visual album which aired on HBO, now exactly three years later the record is no longer a Tidal exclusive.
Unless you count the joint album that she recorded with Jay-Z under the moniker ‘The Carters’ or the recent Homecoming live album, this is the most recent Beyoncé record.
If you want to watch the visual component of the album in its entirety you need to either subscribe to Tidal or buy Lemonade on iTunes since the album comes with the film as an extra.
There isn’t much else to say other than you should give it a listen since it’s fantastic and now available everywhere.
Source: Spotify], Apple Music, Youtube Music, Google Play Music
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AT&T to keep using ‘5Ge’ after lawsuit settled

It looks like AT&T will continue to use the ‘5Ge’ branding — even as they reached an “amicable” settlement in a false-advertising lawsuit brought against it by Sprint.
Unnamed sources told The Dallas Business Journal that users will still see the 5Ge used in advertising and marketing materials. The two companies declined to reveal any further details of the settlement.
Tempers flared when the American telecom giant started rolling out the branding 5GE, short for 5G evolution, without necessarily including the major features of 5G. According to its website, AT&T is using 5Ge to denote when its networks supports 256QAM carrier aggregation.
After being roundly mocked for the use of the indicator, Sprint sued AT&T in February. It pointed to a survey where a small majority of respondents reportedly believed that the 5Ge actually offered 5G speeds in court documents.
Source: Dallas Business News
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Telus’ Optik TV deal gets subscribers a 50-inch 4K TV or $500 prepaid Visa, both with $150 bill credit

Telus is offering two pretty solid deals to people who sign up for a two-year Optik TV and internet bundle.
First off, the service is only available to residents of Alberta and B.C.
However, if you’re able to take advantage of the deal, you’ll be able to snag an LG 50-inch UK6300BUB TV and $150 in bill credits. The credits only apply if you order online, but it works out to roughly one free month of service, depending on the package you select. Telus is even throwing in one free movie rental to sweeten the deal.
If you don’t want to get the free TV, the telecom has another offer. In my tests, if you start an order then leave that tab open and navigate back to Telus’ homepage the free TV deal is replaced with an offer for a $500 prepaid Visa card instead. This offer also includes the $150 bill credit.
To receive the $150 credit you specifically need to get a two-year Optik TV and Telus home internet bundle. If you just get the TV package or just the internet package you’ll only receive ..

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Google’s Wing Aviation gets FAA OK for drone deliveries

WASHINGTON — Google affiliate Wing Aviation has received federal approval allowing it to make commercial deliveries by drone.

It's the first time a company has gotten a federal air carrier certification for drone deliveries.

The approval from the Federal Aviation Administration means that Wing can operate commercial drone flights in part of Virginia, which it plans to begin later this year.

The FAA said Tuesday that the company met the agency's safety requirements by participating in a pilot program in Virginia with the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership and Virginia Tech, and by conducting thousands of flights in Australia over the past several years.

“This is an important step forward for the safe testing and integration of drones into our economy,” Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said in a statement.

Wing said the approval “means that we can begin a commercial service delivering goods from local businesses to homes in the United States.”

The company didn&#..

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Nintendo kills 7-years-in-the-making fan port of Super Mario Bros. for the Commodore 64

For seven years, Nintendo fan Zeropaige toiled away on a port of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) classic Super Mario Bros. for the Commodore 64 home computer.
While Zeropaige finally released the port online last week, his accomplishment has ultimately proven to be short-lived.
On April 22nd, Nintendo issued a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown for the port, resulting in its removal from several hosting sites, such as the Vancouver, Washington-based PXC Commodore Club.
Good times. Due to a DMCA takedown notice we had to remove the Super Mario Bros 64 download from our website blog post from 4 days ago. Hopefully everyone enjoys the #Commodore 64 #C64 game who was able to snag it.
— PDX Commodore Club (@c64club) April 22, 2019
The port is particularly noteworthy because the Commodore 64 only has a clock speed of around 1Mhz — roughly 55 percent of the NES’ speed. Therefore, the Commodore 64 is not a system that is designed to run the smooth full-screen scrolling found ..

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S5e and Tab A 10.1 are now available in Canada

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S5e and Tab A 10.1 are now available in Canada.
The Tab S5e costs $549.99 and $649.99 if you want more storage. Meanwhile, the Tab A 10.1 costs $299.99 with the larger storage version retailing at $449.99.
Those who pre-ordered the Tab S5e will get a pair of AKG Y500 headphones, and those who pre-ordered the Tab 10.1 will get AKG Y100 earphones.
Both tablets come in gold, black and silver, and they will be available on Samsung Canada’s website, Best Buy, Staples, Walmart and the Source.
The Tab S5e features a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a 2,560 x 1,600-pixel resolution, an 8-megapixel selfie shooter and a 13-megapixel rear camera.
The tablet sports two st0rage/memory variants, the bigger one with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and the smaller model featuring 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.
Whereas the Tab A 10.1 sports a 10.1-display with a 1,920 x 1,200-pixel resolution with Dolby Atmos and Android 9 Pie with One UI. The smaller storage unit sports 2GB o..

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US-founded VanillaSoft receives $1 million from Canadian Government

US-founded IT company VanillaSoft Corp. has been given a $1 million loan from Canada Economic Development (CED) for Quebec Regions. Although the company is American, it runs its Canadian operations out of Gatineau, Quebec.

“Our platform is helping thousands of salespeople better manage their prospecting activities and increase their sales.”

With the financial assistance, VanillaSoft, whose cloud-based solution aims to boost the productivity of outbound calling in high-quality B2C and B2B sales processes, said it will be able to complete a project to improve its software platform by implementing artificial intelligence. The company also plans to complete an international marketing campaign to expand its solution to markets European and Australian markets with the funding.

“Not only is VanillaSoft helping the Outaouais region build a reputation as a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, but its expertise and the innovative technology it continues to import will allow it to..

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