Google improves Photos dark mode in Android Q, but it’s still broken

The Android Q beta includes a number of flaws, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering it’s beta software. However, Google is working to fix some of the more egregious, like the horrifying things that happen to Google Photos when you enable dark mode.
While there was some initial confusion over how to turn on the dark mode — which was promptly sorted out — those who managed to turn it on realized it was far from ready. Some apps don’t work with dark mode at all, while others were a mix of both light and dark.
Google Photos fell into the latter category. If you listened to the most recent SyrupCast, MobileSyrup features editor Igor Bonifacic, and I discussed the abomination Photos becomes when you turn on dark mode.
For those that missed it, the status bar and navigation bar remained white, the text remained black (making it impossible to read) and more.
However, a recent app update seems to clean up most of the mess.
Google Photos version gets rid of most of the..

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Netflix temporarily stops offering free trials in Canada

Netflix has temporarily stopped offering free 30-day trials in Canada.
The streaming giant says the move is part of a test it’s conducting in Canada.
“We are testing the availability and duration of a free trial to better understand how consumers value Netflix. These tests typically vary in length of time and by region, and may not become permanent,” said a Netflix spokesperson in an emailed statement to MobileSyrup.
Netflix did not state when the test will conclude.
The company currently does not offer free trial periods in a handful of other countries, including Spain, Mexico and Jamaica.
The post Netflix temporarily stops offering free trials in Canada appeared first on MobileSyrup.

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Tesla releasing ‘Enhanced Summoning’ and ‘Navigate on Autopilot’ update

Tesla is rolling out ‘Enhanced Summoning’ and an ‘Autopilot’ update, according to a recent tweet from the company’s CEO Elon Musk.
However, Musk also said that these updates are slowly being released due to the automaker working to find corner case issues and patching them out.
Started rolling it out a few days ago. Always starts slow, find rare corner case issues, fix them, continue rollout …
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 17, 2019
‘Enhanced Summoning’ is an upgraded version of ‘Summoning,’ allowing the vehicle to navigate itself to the owner from a parking spot.
The original ‘Summoning’ feature only let the owner to remotely move a Tesla vehicle forwards and backwards by a few metres.
‘Navigate on Autopilot’ is also getting a new version, which allows its vehicles to make lane changes without any confirmation.
Before, the ‘Autopilot’ self-driving feature recommended a lane change but needed the driver to flick the indicator to initiate the actio..

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Starbucks changing Loyalty program so Canadian members earn more rewards

Starbucks is making it easier for new and existing Canadian members to earn more rewards as it revamps its Rewards Loyalty program.
The coffee company is allowing new members to earn ‘Stars’ — essentially loyalty points — right from the start, eliminating the buffer period once you join.
This works well with Starbuck’s mobile app, since users can immediately join its program and use the ecard right away. The company is also changing the amount of stars it takes to claim a reward and is adding new redeemable items.
Previously, all the rewards cost the same amount of ‘Stars,’ whether it was a coffee or an espresso shot. Now, there are different tiers of rewards, ranging from 25 to 400 Stars.
Here’s the new rewards structure:
25 ‘Stars’ redeems an extra espresso shot, dairy substitute (such as soy milk) or additional flavour50 ‘Stars’ redeems a brewed hot coffee, hot tea or select baked goods150 ‘Stars ‘redeems a handcrafted drink (such as lattes), hot breakfast item or yogourt parfaits25..

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Stakeholders applaud broadband investments in Budget 2019, but details need to be hashed out

Industry stakeholders are pleased with the new investments made towards getting 100 percent of Canadians connected to high-speed internet by 2030, and applaud that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has “recognized the scale of the issue.”
Andy Kaplan-Myrth, vice-president of regulatory and carrier affairs at TekSavvy, said there was a lot to unpack in Budget 2019, which was tabled on March 19th.
“We support the government’s action to get Canadians access to high-speed internet services,” he said in an interview with MobileSyrup. “It’s good to see bold moves, to put money behind some real targets and that the government is recognizing the scale of the issue.”
The final budget before the federal election later this year will invest in $1.7 billion CAD over 13 years to provide access to speeds at least 50Mbps download speeds and 10Mbps upload speeds by 2030. The government expects that by 2026 95 percent of Canadians will be connected to high-speed internet services.
“I u..

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Google will shut down beloved Inbox app on April 2, 2019

The end is nigh, repent your email sins: Inbox is shutting down on April 2nd, 2019.
This shutdown has been a long time coming. We knew Inbox’s end would arrive sometime in March 2019, but now it looks like the closure is happening in early April.
Redditor ‘jdayellow‘ received a small pop-up in Inbox which stated the app would shut down in 15 days. Further, it says users can find their “favourite Inbox features in the Gmail app” and directs them to open Gmail.
Despite Google integrating several Inbox features into Gmail, it’s worth noting that some significant features are missing still.
One Redditor notes app bundling is missing from Gmail — a particularly devastating loss. I switched over to Gmail entirely after the redesign rolled out to iPhone and Android devices, and it’s one of my most-missed features.
Gmail does bundle some things, but it’s a little weird. It’s got categories, like ‘Promotions’ and ‘Social’ to filter some of the less important things out of your inbox, but it doe..

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Volunteers use graffiti-busting lasers to clean up famous Italian facades

A team of volunteers armed with special lasers are working to restore ancient relics in Italy to their former glory.

With several significant cultural relics still standing, Italy is often called an “open air museum,” with visitors able to get up close and personal with monuments of the past.

Unfortunately, many visitors seem compelled to leave their mark, with graffiti posing a problem for many of the country’s major cities.

But Italian company El.En. has come up with a way to safely remove this unwanted legacy, donating their hand-held machines to a volunteer group that aims to clean up the country’s famous facades.

Called the “Fondazione Angeli del Bello Onlus,” or the Non-Profit Angels of Beauty, the volunteers are working to restore the past by erasing the present — removing graffiti from ancient buildings using a specialized optical fibre laser system called the Laser Blaster.

Usually it takes heavy duty chemicals and plenty of scrubbing to remove graffiti, which can b..

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New York Times and Washington Post still haven’t signed up for Apple News: report

With just a week before the reveal of Apple’s news subscription platform, both The New York Times and The Washington Post have not come to an agreement with the tech giant.
According to Business Insider, which cites half a dozen executives involved in the publishing industry, neither major U.S. newspaper has opted to join the platform. That said, The Wall Street Journal has forged an agreement with Apple because it believes the news subscription platform will allow it “to bring its journalism to a much bigger audience,” according to Business Insider.
Apple has been using Apple Music as an example of how an all-in-one subscription service is good for publishers, according to Business Insider’s sources. Newspaper publishers reportedly argue that music and entertainment are different from news given that many articles are “interchangeable in a way that music artists or movies aren’t.”
“…most people don’t want 100 magazines; they just want the ones they’re already fans of,” said a publishi..

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#Budget2019 makes Global Talent Stream permanent, provides no national data strategy

The Canadian government has tabled its #Budget2019.

This government’s previous budgets have featured significant investments in Canada’s innovation economy. In 2017, the federal government committed $950 million towards Superclusters, building a national AI strategy, and launching the Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative (VCCI), all of which only recently began deploying capital. That budget also committed to “double the number of high-growth companies in Canada…from 14,000 to 28,000 by 2025.”

Budget 2018 saw additional support for further equality between genders, a noted focus in both the VCCI and Superclusters announcements. Last year’s budget committed to tabling pay equity legislation, Bill C-86, which passed in December, and committed more than $365 million towards women entrepreneurs across a variety of programs, including support for regional development agencies, the Business Women in International Trade Program, and Export Development Canada, as well as upped government comm..

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Here are the games coming to Google’s Stadia platform so far

Google recently revealed its Stadia video game streaming service at the Game Developers Conference (GDC).
Stadia doesn’t run on traditional console hardware, rather it streams video games to any smartphone, laptop, PC or TV as long as it features built-in Chromecast support or the ability to run Chrome.
Google showcased a few playable games that will be available on Stadia during its GDC keynote, though the company says it has plans to continue partnering with more developers.
Here are the third-party games shown off for Stadia so far.
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (originally tested on Google’s Project Stream)Doom EternalShadow of the Tomb RaiderNBA 2K19Besides third-party developer support, Google also created its own video game studio, Stadia Games and Entertainment. This studio will develop first-party titles for the streaming platform.
Along with the streaming service, Google also announced a Stadia controller, which connects via Wi-Fi to any platform a game is being streamed on.

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Federal government pledges more than $400 million to promote zero-emission vehicles

Budget 2019 is investing more than $435 million CAD to “make it easier and more affordable for Canadians to choose zero-emission vehicles.”
Of the more than $435 million, the budget titled “Investing in the Middle Class” says the government will invest $130 million over five years starting in 2019-20. This will help expand the network of zero-emission vehicle charging and refuelling stations and deploy these stations in workplaces, public parking spots, commercial and multi-unit residential buildings and remote locations.
The budget was tabled on March 19th with an emphasis on affordable housing, skills and training, pharmacare, seniors and expanding access to high-speed internet.
Part of that investment will allocate $5 million over five years starting in 2019-2020 to Transport Canada to work with auto manufacturers to “secure voluntary zero-emission sales targets to ensure that vehicle supply meets increased demand.”
The investment will also include a way to encourage more Canadians ..

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Budget 2019 invests $1.7 billion for high-speed internet access by 2030

In the final budget before the federal election, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is pledging an investment of up to $1.7 billion CAD over 13 years to provide all Canadians access to high-speed internet, bridging the bandwidth gap between rural and urban communities.
Budget 2019, which was announced on March 19th and titled “Investing in the Middle Class,” expects that 100 percent of homes will have access to at least 50Mbps download speeds and 10Mbps upload speeds by 2030. The government added that with the current programs, it expects 95 percent of homes will have access to these speeds by 2026.
The $1.7 billion will begin in 2019-20, first to establish a Universal Broadband Fund that will “focus on extending ‘backbone’ infrastructure to underserved communities.” Of that amount, the government intends to add money to the ‘Connect to Innovate’ program that was announced in 2016 to secure a low-latency Low Earth Orbit satellite capacity.
The process to secure the Low Earth Orbit sat..

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