While rumours continue to circulate regarding Samsung’s plans to bring the Galaxy Fold back from the dead, it looks like a photo of a redesigned version of the foldable smartphone being used in the wild has already appeared.

According to Sammobile, someone reportedly took a photo of a Galaxy Fold being used in public on the New Delhi, India metro system, likely by a Samsung employee.

This marks the first time a redesigned Galaxy Fold has been seen tested publically. With this in mind, it’s still unclear what exactly Samsung has altered in the Fold’s design to prevent debris from getting under the device’s display hinge. However, rumours indicate that with the new model, it’s no longer possible to remove the protective film some tech journalists and YouTubers assumed was just a generic screen protector

The film is reportedly now underneath the top and side bezels of the Fold’s screen. The handset is also tipped to feature smaller gaps surrounding its hinge mechanism that aim to reduce the amount of debris that can get under the Fold’s OLED display.

The most recent rumours indicate Samsung likely has plans to release the new, redesigned version of the Fold during the holiday shopping season, with a reveal possibly set for the South Korean tech giant’s upcoming August 7th Note 10 event in New York City.

The $1,980 USD (roughly $2,628 CAD) Galaxy Fold was initially set to release in the U.S. on April 26th and then in Canada at some point this summer. It’s still unclear how much Samsung plans to charge for the smartphone in Canada.

The foldable smartphone was delayed following media experiencing various issues with the smartphone, including dirt getting under the device’s foldable display and the removal of a screen protector that was part of the foldable’s screen.

While I didn’t spend that much time with the Galaxy Fold, I was impressed with the device’s foldable display. That said, it’s also bulky, expensive and its front display is so tiny it’s barely usable.

Source: Sammobile

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