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Twitter joins Facebook in creating registry for online political ads

OTTAWA — Twitter is creating a registry of all online political ads posted on its platform during this fall's federal election campaign.

But the social media giant will ban political advertisements during the two-month run-up to the official campaign, known as the pre-writ period, that starts June 30.

Twitter Canada announced its ad-transparency policy Wednesday, several weeks after being called out by Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould for not committing to help ensure the integrity of the federal electoral process.

A new law requires platforms to keep a publicly accessible registry of political ads during both the pre-writ and writ periods, where Canadians can easily find out who is posting online ads.

Facebook rolled out its own ad-transparency policy two weeks ago and, starting this week, is systematically detecting and reviewing ads on social issues, elections and politics in Canada, and requiring that they include a “paid for by” disclosure.

Google has ..

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NASA to open moon rock samples sealed since Apollo missions

HOUSTON — Inside a locked vault at Johnson Space Center is treasure few have seen and fewer have touched.

The restricted lab is home to hundreds of pounds of moon rocks collected by Apollo astronauts close to a half-century ago. And for the first time in decades, NASA is about to open some of the pristine samples and let geologists take a crack at them with 21st-century technology.

What better way to mark this summer's 50th anniversary of humanity's first footsteps on the moon than by sharing a bit of the lunar loot.

“It's sort of a coincidence that we're opening them in the year of the anniversary,” explained NASA's Apollo sample curator Ryan Zeigler, covered head to toe in a white protective suit with matching fabric boots, gloves and hat.

“But certainly the anniversary increased the awareness and the fact that we're going back to the moon.”

With the golden anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's feat fast approaching — their lun..

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Two more dead right whales found in Gulf of St. Lawrence: Fisheries and Oceans

PETIT ETANG, N.S. — Fisheries and Oceans Canada says two more endangered North Atlantic right whales have been found dead in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The whales were located near the Acadian Peninsula, N.B., and west of the Magdalen Islands, Que.

Officials said Tuesday that they are the third and fourth confirmed dead right whales reported in Canadian waters this year.

The department said it is working closely with marine mammal experts on two necropsies to determine the cause of death of right whales found earlier this month in the gulf.

In one case, experts reported that there was no evidence of recent fishing gear entanglement or a recent vessel strike, but further testing was ongoing to identify other potential causes of death.

Meanwhile, a massive right whale found dead last week has been brought to shore on western Cape Breton for a necropsy involving a team of about 30 people.

The whale — a 40-year-old female named Punctuation — was towed late Monday to Petit Eta..

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Experts alarmed by four right whale deaths: ‘There’s a bit of a panic’

HALIFAX — The recent deaths of four endangered North Atlantic right whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence is alarming, given that the massive mammals are just arriving in Canadian waters for the season, a leading marine biologist said Wednesday.

WATCH: CTV News' Todd Battis reports on a right whale found near Cape Breton

Boris Worm, a biology professor and well-known whale expert at Dalhousie University in Halifax, said the sudden spate of deaths this month stands in contrast to last season, when there were no recorded deaths linked to ship strikes or entanglements.

“It's heartbreaking,” he said in an interview, noting the four recorded deaths mark the second-worst mortality rate in the past 10 years. “And it's only the end of June — so it's probably not the end of the story.”

There are about 400 North Atlantic right whales left, with deaths outpacing live births.

In 2017, the federal government introduced a series of measures to protect the whales after 1..

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Robots predicted to take over 20 million manufacturing jobs by 2030

Robots are expected to take over some 20 million manufacturing jobs worldwide by 2030, extending a trend of worsening social inequality while boosting overall economic output, a new study shows.

The forecast set to be released Wednesday highlights growing concerns that automation and robots, while offering economic benefits, are disproportionately killing low-skill jobs and aggravating social and economic stress.

The study by Oxford Economics, a private British-based research and consulting firm, said job displacement from the rise of robots will not be evenly spread around the world, or within countries.

Robots have already taken over millions of manufacturing jobs and are now gaining in services, helped by advances in computer vision, speech recognition and machine learning, the study noted.

In lower-skilled regions, job losses will be twice as high as those in higher-skilled regions, even in the same country, the study concluded.

The research comes amid intense debate on t..

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