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YouTube disables 200 videos attacking Hong Kong protests

SAN FRANCISCO — YouTube says it disabled more than 200 videos this week that appeared to be part of a co-ordinated effort to spread misinformation about the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

The video removals come just days after Twitter said it had suspended more than 200,000 accounts it linked to a Chinese government influence campaign against the protests. Facebook also said it had suspended accounts and removed pages after being notified by Twitter.

Google, which owns YouTube, did not explicitly implicate the Chinese government but said the videos were related to the similar disclosures from Facebook and Twitter.

Social media companies have faced criticism about the spread of misinformation on their sites and have taken actions to combat the spread in recent months.

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Apple wants people to know how to clean its new titanium credit card

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple believes some of its zealous customers will treasure its new titanium credit card so much that they will spend time polishing its white finish.

That's why Apple has posted instructions on how to clean the card properly and warned that some materials might leave blemishes that are difficult to remove.

The list of potential hazards includes leather and denim, prompting some people to conclude Apple's credit card is so special that it can't be stored in the wallets and pockets where most other credit cards reside.

But the company says it merely wants people to know that the dyes used in some types of leather and denim can leave stains. Those discoloring marks are unlikely in most kinds of wallets and jeans, something Apple alluded to in its post by advising that the card can be kept in a wallet or pocket made of “soft materials.”

The reverence Apple seemed to be according its card triggered widespread derision on Twitter and elsewhere on the i..

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Canada’s climate plan not enough, entire G7 must do more report says

OTTAWA – A report card on the climate action plans of the world's wealthiest nations suggests not one of them is on track to meet even their own stated climate goals.

The Climate Action Network, an international network of more than 1,300 climate groups, is issuing the report as the leaders of the G7 gather for their annual meeting in France this weekend.

The Paris climate change agreement signed by all G7 nations in 2015 aims to keep global warming as close to 1.5 C as possible.

The report card places Canada at the bottom of the pack with the United States and Japan, and the existing plans of all three are compatible with global warming above 4 C — a threshold that threatens to bring potentially catastrophic consequences to the planet.

France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom have plans that would see global warming exceed 3 C by the end of the century.

The report says Canada has some good policies, like ending the use of coal and maintaining a national price on ..

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Strange ocean temperatures may be linked to spring tornadoes in Great Plains: study

Unusual temperatures in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans have potentially been linked to a higher number of spring tornadoes in the Great Plains, according to a new study.

According to new findings in the journal Science Advances, South Korean climate scientists discovered that either a cold tropical Pacific ocean or a warm Gulf of Mexico, or both, likely created atmospheric conditions favourable to tornadoes forming over the southern Great Plains region, which is part of “Tornado Alley.”

Each of these specific ocean conditions potentially “turbocharges the atmosphere with humid air and more storm systems,” said Pusan National University professor Axel Timmermann, and director of the IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP) in a statement.

Scientists said ocean temperatures can amplify a large weather pattern of alternating high-pressure and low-pressure centres over the central Pacific, the eastern U.S. and the Gulf of Mexico. Then, high pressure over the Gulf of Mexico funnel quick..

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Mountain lion bites Colorado boy on head outside his home

DENVER — A mountain lion bit an 8-year-old boy on the head outside his rural Colorado home in the third big-cat attack on people in the state this year, prompting authorities to euthanize two lions that were found roaming the area, officials said Thursday.

The boy had been playing on a trampoline with his brother at their home in Bailey on Wednesday evening when a friend called out to him from a house next door. When the boy ran to see his friend, the mountain lion pounced and bit him, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife investigators.

The boy's brother ran inside the home and told his father, who rushed outside and found the cat on top of his son. The mountain lion let go and took off running as the father approached.

“It's quite heroic. He did everything that we would ask somebody to do,” Rebecca Ferrell, a spokeswoman for the wildlife agency, said about the boy's father. “He ran towards it. He was making himself large and loud. … His efforts almost certa..

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