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Canadians can buy Google Home Hubs from third-party sellers on Amazon

Assistant-powered smart displays are shaping up to be the next big thing, but if you’re not into the Lenovo Smart Display or the JBL Link View, you’re out of luck in Canada.
Getting other smart displays, like Google’s Home Hub, can be an exercise in frustration, not to mention costly. You’d have to go through something like Kijiji, where sellers often increase the price, or order it from the U.S. since the device is not officially available in Canada. However, a RedFlagDeals user may have found a better way.
According to user ‘remik,’ you can order the Home Hub through Amazon Canada for about $150. This price fluctuates, but typically it stays in this range.
‘Classy Outfit’ sells the Hub, but the order is fulfilled by Amazon, meaning its eligible for Prime shipping and Amazon’s better return policy. Further, remik says Classy Outfit is the only third-party Home Hub seller not charging sales tax.
There are other third-party sellers, but remik says they charge sales tax based on where in..

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Alberta residents get unlimited access to RBdigital audiobooks app

Residents in Alberta now have unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks via the RBdigital app.
According to a press release, the Alberta Municipal Affairs Public Library Services branch has added the app to its province-wide offering.
The app, which is available both on iOS and Android devices, offers thousands of audiobooks.
“The fastest-growing segment in publishing is audiobooks, seeing a 20-30 percent growth over the last few years,” said Jim Schmidt, senior vice-president of library sales for Recorded Books, an independent publisher of audiobooks. The company owns the RBdigital app.
“With limited library staffing and budgets, it’s difficult for libraries to keep up with the demand for digital media. Unlimited-access audiobooks from RBdigital can help libraries provide a better patron experience by eliminating holds, while driving down the library’s cost per circulation,” he noted.
Alberta residents will be able to access the app free through their local library, the release said..

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Shiny Meltan will be available in Mystery Boxes for a limited time

While Pokémon Go players don’t have access to all of the pocket monsters within the Pokémon world, there is a special Pokémon only available in the mobile game, Meltan.
Niantic announced that the shiny version of Meltan will be available from April 24th at 4pm ET/1pm PT/ to Sunday, May 5th 4pm ET/1pm PT.
In order to catch a Shiny Meltan you need to open a Mystery Box, which players can get by sending a Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee.
Also starting April 24th at 4pm ET/1pm PT players can open Mystery Boxes once ever three days, which should make it easier to get a Meltan.
Source: Niantic
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Bell brings wireless broadband internet to Muskoka and Haliburton County

Bell is expanding its broadband Wireless Home Internet service to several communities in the District Municipality of Muskoka and Haliburton County.
Currently, Wireless Home Internet is available to residents in Bracebridge, Dorset, Gravenhurst, Port Sandfield and Windermere. Now, service will be expanded to other communities in the region, such as Bala, Baysville, Brackenrig, Carnarvon, Dwight, Honey Harbour, Huntsville, Milford Bay and Minden.
Bell technicians install Wireless Home Internet service by placing a small antenna outside a customer’s home that connects to Bell’s LTE network. Additionally, customers receive the advanced Bell Home Hub modem, which provides high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the home.
“We’re pleased to extend Bell’s innovative Wireless Home Internet service to year-round and seasonal residents alike in Ontario’s cottage country, part of our extensive campaign to bring broadband Internet access to smaller towns and rural communities,” said Rizwan Jamal, President of..

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Tesla is still burning through cash, but it predicted this: Q1 2019 report

Tesla began its first-quarter 2019 earnings report by hyping up how many Model 3s it’s still selling, but after that, things got a little dicier.
The company did share that it doesn’t build the Model 3 to order and instead manufactures them in batches depending on trim level and region. Since the first quarter of 2019 was the first time the automaker started selling vehicles overseas, it faced “challenges in ramping up [its] logistics channels and increasing the capacity of [its] international delivery operations.
This is a slightly more detailed reason why it shipped fewer cars last quarter than Q4 2018.
When it gets into the money side of things Tesla’s net loss was $702 million USD (roughly, 947 million CAD). To make matters worse, the company doesn’t expect to make another profit until the third quarter of the year — Tesla’s last profitable quarters were in the latter half of 2018.
The company is still maintaining its overall goal to deliver 360,000 to 400,000 vehicles throughout ..

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