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OnePlus 7 Pro update brings camera, Ambient Display improvements

After a OnePlus representative revealed a camera update was coming to the OnePlus 7 Pro, it’s starting to roll out.
Build 9.5.4 — or 9.5.5 if you’re in the E.U. — brings improvements to HDR and low light image quality, as well as fixes for white balance issues and focus problems.
Along with the camera updates, build 9.5.4 brings improvements to ‘Double Tap to Wake’ and Ambient Display. It also fixes an issue with Bluetooth headsets that occurs when gaming.
Finally, the update brings several bug fixes and improvements.
The over-the-air (OTA) update will start rolling out now. OnePlus is doing a staged rollout, which means the OTA will hit a limited number of OnePlus 7 Pro devices to start. Once the company is confident there are no critical bugs, the OTA will enter a broader rollout.
OnePlus is also requesting users continue to provide feedback through the company’s Feedback forum. Giving feedback can help OnePlus spot bugs and fix issues.
You can access the Feedback forum here.
To lear..

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Developer builds launcher for Android Q with fantastic desktop mode

A developer is building a launcher for Android Q that gives the OS a dedicated and well-designed desktop mode.
When Android Q’s first beta dropped, people were quick to point out that there was a desktop mode toggle buried in the developer options. While the feature didn’t work well it does hint that Google is starting to think about a device that can work as a phone and a PC.
Developer Daniel Blandford has shared a tease of a launcher that he’s building for Android Q that takes this idea to the next level.
Blandford’s launcher looks like a mashup of Windows and Chrome OS since it features a bottom taskbar, a start menu of sorts and Google’s Material Design.

There is even support for widgets and varying themes in this unreleased launcher. The taskbar has handy info like your phone’s battery life, Wi-Fi, data and other things that are visible in your phone’s status bar.
The launcher even has mouse, keyboard and touch support so you can use it in pretty much any way you want.

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‘Ubisoft Pass’ subscription service seems to have accidentally been leaked

Games publishing giant Ubisoft appears to be working on some sort of subscription service.
First reported by VG247, a Resetera user has found a placeholder image on Ubisoft’s website for something called a ‘Ubisoft Pass Premium.’
No other details accompanied the image, which has since been removed. However, based on the wording, it seems to suggest a tiered Ubisoft subscription service is in the works.
Exactly how the Ubisoft Pass would work remains unclear. However, it makes sense that the French publisher would want to launch its own paid games service, especially since several other major gaming companies already offer one.
Electronic Arts, one of Ubisoft’s main publishing competitors, currently has its own ‘EA Access’ service on Xbox One and PC (on the latter platform under the names of ‘Origin Access’ and ‘Origin Access Premier’). EA Access is also coming to PlayStation 4 this July. For a monthly fee, EA Access offers a growing catalogue of EA titles, as well as exclusive discount..

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Red Magic 3 with active liquid-cooling and internal fan available globally

Nubia’s Red Magic 3 is now available globally.
This new gaming smartphone features what the company is calling an “industry-first” active liquid-cooling with an internal fan. This liquid cooling should protect the smartphone from overheating when playing video games.
On top of that, the device features a Snapdragon 855 chipset, 5,000mAh battery with 18W quick charging, a 90Hz frame rate, a 6.65-inch AMOLED display, up to 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and front-facing stereo speakers.
The gaming handset also features customizable right and left triggers, and is available in red, black and camo.
According to Red Magic, the device cost $419 CAD for the 8GB of RAM/128GB of storage model and $599 for the 12GB of RAM /256GB of storage variant.
You can grab your own Red Magic 3 on the company’s website.
Nubia is a subsidiary of ZTE, a company which was recently banned from accessing the Google Play Store due to a U.S. government executive order. Because of this, it’s unclear if the device wi..

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Microsoft AI produces realistic speech using 200 voice samples

Microsoft, in collaboration with Chinese researchers, has created a text-to-speech AI that is able to produce realistic speech and match transcriptions, using only 200 voice samples.
The system partially relies on ‘Transformers,’ which continuously weigh every input and output. The transformers allow for even complex and lengthy sentences to be processed quite rapidly.
The AI also has a noise-removing encoder, which allows it to be even more efficient.
“We demonstrate in our experiments that our designed components are necessary to develop the capability of speech and text transformation with few paired data,” the researchers wrote.
Although the results still have a somewhat robotic sound, they are exceedingly accurate and have a word intelligibility of 99.84 percent.
This technology could make text to speech a lot more accessible, as there is not much effort required in obtaining realistic voices.
In the future, it may require even less effort to produce realistic data, as researchers..

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