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This might be our first look at an Android-powered feature phone

A new leaked image is said to be a feature phone running a very different version of Android.
Feature phones are simpler phones that don’t use a touch screen. Instead, they usually use a traditional number pad and a few other buttons. This market is dominated by an operating system called KaiOS which adds some smartphone-like features to the older style of device.
Now it seems like Google is positioning Android to take a slice of the market with an Android-powered feature phone of its own.
Google has worked closely with KaiOS in the past and many Kai-powered phones even have dedicated Google Assistant buttons.
The leaked phone is thought to be built by Nokia due to its minimal looking ‘Phone’ button, as pointed out by 9to5Google.
The interface is very minimal, but it does show off what looks to be an app drawer launcher, YouTube, Chrome, a Camera and the app with two arrows is the call log icon.
This leak doesn’t end up telling us if the phone is coming out any time sooner, but it doe..

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Google raises max Chrome bug bounty to $150,000

Google has increased the amount of money that it pays out to researchers who find and report on Chrome bugs as part of its ongoing Chrome Vulnerability Rewards Program.
Now, researchers can earn a baseline sum of $15,000 USD (roughly $19,500 CAD), up from $5,000 USD (about $6,500 CAD).
Overall, the maximum amount that a researcher can earn has been raised to $30,000 USD (about $39,100 CAD), up from $15,000 USD (roughly $19,500 CAD). Such a payout will be given for what Google deems a “high-quality report.” Google now has specific details for what constitutes a high-quality report on its website.
Meanwhile, more information on the overall Chrome Vulnerability Rewards Program can be found here.
Altogether, Google says it has received 8,500 bug reports and paid $5 million out to researchers since the program launched in 2010.
In related news, Google has also bumped up Google Play Security Reward Program payouts for remote code execution bugs from $5,000 ($6,500 CAD) to $20,000 (around $26..

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Samsung starts making next-gen 12GB LPDDR5 RAM for smartphones

Samsung has started manufacturing the world’s first 12GB LPDDR5 mobile DRAM module for high-end smartphones.
Compared to the 12GB LPDDR4X module the company announced in March, Samsung claims its new RAM module features a 30 percent raw performance uplift while drawing 30 percent less power.
The company also said that the 12GB model could transfer 44GB of data in a second, which is pretty fast for a mobile product. But, it nonetheless implies that the South Korean giant may produce smaller variants that slot below the 12GB model with slower transfer speeds.
On top of that, Samsung says it also plans to develop a 16GB LPDDR5 module in 2020.
However, LPDDR5 has a slim chance to land on smartphones in 2019 since no current ARM processors, including the Snapdragon 855, support it. Knowing that, its market debut may coincide with the launch of next-generation processors in 2020.
Source: Samsung
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Save $155 per year off Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with this deal

A new Microsoft promotion nets customers Xbox ‘Game Pass Ultimate’ for two years for just one dollar.
While the deal isn’t exactly straightforward and requires an upfront investment, if you’re willing to take a few extra steps, you could potentially get Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate for three years.
In the past, Microsoft has offered a $1 CAD deal for users who sign up to try Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Now, with a new system in place, users who sign up for that deal will get the remaining years, month or days of Xbox Live Gold on their account converted to Game Pass Ultimate for the cost of that single dollar.
For example, if the customer has one year left of Xbox Live Gold and buys Game Pass Ultimate for $1, they’ll get a full year of the service for $1.
Xbox Live Gold costs $69.99, and Game Pass Ultimate regularly costs $49.99 plus tax for three months. By subtracting the $70.99 (Xbox Live Gold’s $69.99 +$1 for Game Pass) from the yearly Game Pass Ultimate cost, which is $225.9..

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Telus contest winners can get up to two years of data for free

Telus is offering customers a chance to win two years of the company’s Peace of Mind Ultra plan for free.
In the carrier’s newest contest, contestants can go in-store and complete the entry process and scratch to win an instant prize. Contestants have to scratch the digital card in-store in front of a sales representative.
Winners will receive the $125 per month for 50GB of data ‘Peace of Mind Ultra’ plan free for two years. How this works is the winner will have a recurring bill credit up to $125 per month for 24 months. However, the customer will be responsible for roaming charges or any add-ons. The Peace of Mind plan also includes unlimited talk and text nationwide.
It’s important to note the Peace of Mind Ultra plan offers unlimited data. However, after 50GB of data, Telus will throttle your usage speed. Though using more than 50GB of data in a month is already an impressive feat.
If the winner terminates the plan, Telus will cancel the remaining credits.
Telus is also offering a ..

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