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Tesla drops electric vehicle annual maintenance ‘recommendation’

Tesla is dropping its recommendation to have most of its vehicles annually maintained, according to its car maintenance policy page.
On the older site, Tesla recommends ‘regular maintenance service,’ which is either a 12-month or 20,000km check-up, to “optimize the performance, reliability, durability, safety and resell value of your Tesla.”
However, the updated site states that electric vehicles require less maintenance than gasoline-powered cars, since the EV doesn’t need oil changes, fuel filter or spark plug replacements, emission checks and regular brake pad swaps.
Tesla instead recommends a new timeframe for parts that may need to be replaced.
The automaker suggests that the cabin air filter should be replaced every two years, the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters swapped after three years and a brake fluid test after two years.
Tesla also recommends that the air conditioning to be serviced depending on its vehicles, with the Model S every two years, Model X every fo..

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Beats rumoured to release wire-free PowerBeats headphones in April

Apple unveiled its second-generation AirPods earlier this week that not only included a new H1 chip and hands-free Hey Siri support, but also wireless Qi charging capabilities in the earbuds’ charging case.
New rumours point toward headphone company Beats, which is an Apple subsidiary, quickly following suit and launching a wire-free version of its PowerBeats. According to CNET, Beats will release a version of its PowerBeats that lack the cord connecting the two headhones together.
The estimated time of the announcement is expected to be next month but a definite date is still unknown.
To distinguish the new PowerBeats from Apple’s AirPods, it’s expected the headphones will be over-the-ear. In addition, these new Beats headphone are tipped to include Apple’s new H1 chip and will also feature the same always-on Siri voice-assistant integration that Apple’s new AirPods include.
Pricing remains unclear but is rumoured to be in line with other PowerBeats products, coming in at arounnd arou..

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Canada may force social media companies to block extremist content

Canada may enact legislation to force social media companies to remove hateful and extremist content following the terrorist attack in New Zealand.
Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said the government would look carefully at that kind of legislation.
Further, Goodale said such legislation was a subject of discussion at Five Eyes meetings and G7 meetings.
Specifically, Goodale states there was discussion about “how we encourage the social media platforms to move quickly and efficiently to deal with toxic communications like this that incite violence and hatred and obviously do great damage to social cohesion.”
However, the details of how such legislation could work still need to be worked out, according to Goodale.
This follows the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting where a white supremacist killed 50 Muslims people and injured dozens more. The gunman streamed the attack on social media, and before the attack posted a “manifesto” online.
However, Australian internet service provider..

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Microsoft’s Project xCloud will offer tools to developers to bring their games to mobile

The biggest announcement to come out of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week was the full unveiling of Google’s Stadia game streaming service.
That said, Microsoft has been working for some time now on a similar service called Project xCloud, to which the company dedicated a panel at GDC to provide more details.
Like Stadia, xCloud aims to offer high-quality game performance on devices such as smartphones and tablets through the power of streaming.
However, mobile players without a physical controller might have difficulty playing a lot of games that were otherwise intended for console or PC. With that in mind, Microsoft is working on a ‘Touch Adaptation Kit’ tool for xCloud that aims to let developers easily apply touchscreen controls to a game that was originally designed to be played with a controller or keyboard.
While developers will still need a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file to implement these inputs, Microsoft says its Azure cloud platform powering xCloud will..

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B.C. Supreme Court says having a phone in sight not distracted driving

A British Columbian Supreme Court Judge ruled on March 1st that the “mere presence of a cell phone within sight of a driver is not enough to secure a conviction,” according to court documents from the ruling.
This case sets a precedent in B.C. and possibly the rest of Canada that merely having your phone or some other kind of electronic device on the seat of your car within line of sight doesn’t constitute a distracted driving charge.
It’s still illegal to “use” your phone while driving, according to section 3.1 of the B.C Motor Vehicle Act.
B.C.’s Traffic Court initially found Philip Partridge guilty. He then brought the case before a B.C. Supreme Court judge and won, according to Global News.
A police officer charged Partridge with distracted driving when the officer saw him looking down.
When the officer charged him his phone was wedged in the passenger seat, according to the court documents, but he was never actually seen using it.
If drivers want to use their phones in B.C. and t..

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