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Korean patent office approves LG’s ‘LG Rolling’ mobile device trademark

LG’s rollable smartphone might be coming sooner than many thought.
The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) has approved a trademark for ‘LG Rolling.’ LG applied for the trademark on July 19th, and KIPO approved it on July 25th.
The tech giant also submitted trademarks to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
The patent describes the device as ‘Class 9,’ which reportedly includes smartphones, displays, wearables and more.
LG Display already created a rollable TV, so to some extent a rollable smartphone seems like a natural next step.
It’s unclear what the device will look like or when LG will launch the rumoured handset.
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Source: Nashville Chatter
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LG’s smartphone sales are down, but the company has a plan to fix it

South Korean-based electronics company LG’a second-quarter financial results indicate the company’s mobile division is on the decline.
The smartphone division’s sales are down 21.3 percent compared to the same quarter from last year. The company blames this on “stagnant demand in the smartphone market and continued aggressive pricing by Chinese brands.”
Although sales increased from 6.8 percent compared to last quarter, the company’s mobile division is still operating at a $268.4 million USD (roughly $352 million CAD) loss.
LG attributes the downturn to “higher marketing investment to support the launch of new models and additional costs related to relocating smartphone production to Vietnam,” according to the company’s press release.
The company hopes that the introduction of a mass-tier phone and the arrival of 5G will help increase its profits in the future.
Since we’ve seen companies like Google and Huawei release mid-range phones with great success in the past year, it seems likel..

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Nintendo Switch lifetime sales hit 36.86 million consoles

Nintendo’s Switch continues to sell exceptionally well, more than two years into the console’s lifecycle.
In the three months leading up to June 30th, 2019, Nintendo sold 2.13 million Switch consoles, bringing the platform’s lifetime sales up to 36.86 million. This is a relatively small but still notable increase of 1.88 million in sales over the same period last year.
The Japanese gaming giant has stated in the past that it aims to sell 18 million Switch consoles before the end of the fiscal year.
Regarding software, Super Mario Maker 2 shipped 2.42 million units over three days. In total, Switch software sales hit 22.62 million, amounting to a 25.9 percent increase year-over-year.
On the mobile side of things, Nintendo’s smartphone efforts pulled in 10 billion yen (roughly $120 million CAD), a 10 percent increase year-over-year. Dr. Mario World, the company’s latest mobile effort, isn’t included in this number. Nintendo’s next mobile title is set to be Mario Kart Tour, a smartphone-o..

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iOS 13 and iPadOS public beta four is available to download now

The latest public betas are now available for iOS 13, iPadOS and tvOS.
The fourth public beta for iOS includes a few new features when compared to previous betas.
For instance, when you hold down on an app icon to open its quick actions, you now have a new option to rearrange your apps. This menu is also a bit smaller than before.
The 3D and Haptic Touch settings also feature a new ‘Touch Duration’ setting, allowing users to either set it to either fast or slow.
There are a handful of other small tweaks as well like a new voice message icon and share sheet.
On iPadOS you can customize your button presses, meaning a long press could trigger an action like going home. Users can also now right-click to trigger a double-tap.
This update comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s release of iOS 13 and iPadOS developer beta 5.
If you want to install the update you need to enrol your device in Apple’s Software Beta Program. You can do that by going to to Apple’s beta site on the target device. On..

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Fido is offering internet student promotions for back-to-school

Fido is offering a variety of internet deals for students going back to school, with some plans even including a Best Buy gift card.
The Rogers-owned brand is offering an internet package with download speeds up to 150Mbps for $50 per month for the first year.
One of the other packages features up to 75Mbps for $45 per month for the first year. The last plan offers up to 30Mbps speeds, for $50 per month and one month for free.
Fido’s website says that the $8 WiFi modems are included. All three plans also feature unlimited data usage.
To qualify for one of these plans the customer requires an active student ID alongside another piece of ID in-store.
After signing up for the deals students will also get a $50 Best Buy gift card.
To learn more about Fido deals check out the company’s website.
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