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Google Maps now provides more control over personal and shared lists

Google has made some server-side changes to Maps, enhancing the app’s list functionality. The Mountain View-based company has been doing a lot of server-side changes lately to improve the user experience and prepare for the launch of Android Q
The feature, first spotted by Android Police, allows users to add, view and edit a note directly from any place listing. This is especially helpful when travelling as it allows users to quickly note down details about a particular place.
Users can tap to bookmark a place and select which list to add it to. These notes will now show up in the main place’s listing once the user taps on the “Saved in” section, making it more accessible than before. For example, you can jot down the parade times at Disneyland in the list and it will be viewable once you tap on the location.
Previously, user-generated place notes were only editable in the saved list, and were only visible if you were editing it. This made the note feature almost non-existent to most G..

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The average human face is worth about $5 according to Google

Google offered random people on the street $5 gift cards to scan their faces to improve the Pixel 4’s facial recognition software.
The search giant released a blog post today detailing some of the phone’s upcoming features like the Project Soli hands-free navigation gestures and its facial recognition hardware.
Now that we know about the phone’s face unlock feature, it’s clear the street research that made headlines a few days ago related to the Pixel 4.
The Verge confirmed that Google is conducting field research to improve the Pixel 4’s face-scanning technology. Google wanted to collect scans from a wide range of people to ensure that the phone’s facial recognition is capable of working with a diverse set of individuals.
Source: The Verge, ZDNet
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Google Chrome dark mode coming to desktop and Chrome OS: report

Dark mode for the web is coming to Google Chrome on desktop and Chrome OS. While this feature was available on mobile before, Google plans to expand the dark mode functionality to other platforms.
9to5Google discovered the functionality within the Chromium Gerrit, an online collaboration tool for submitting and reviewing code.
The new code reads, “Automatically render all web contents using a dark theme. #enable-force-dark.”
Reportedly the code describes five prospective dark modes, due to it being able to adapt to multiple platforms.
The options, for developers, will allow them to avoid simple inversions that invert all the colours on a webpage, whether or not the dark mode makes the page more difficult to see. The five colour options should make it easier to see certain aspects of a page that the current dark mode on Android avoids.
It’s unclear when Google will push dark mode for Chrome on desktop and Chrome OS.
Source: 9to5Google
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Microsoft creates new tool to find information within a document quickly

Microsoft’s Montreal research lab says that it has developed a software solution that can find answers for an inquiry directly from a specialized document like a guidebook.
In other words, there is no need to scroll tediously through a sea of content to find a simple question.
By enlisting the help of a technology called machine reading comprehension(MRC), Microsoft says it can provide a robust and intuitive question and answer (Q&A) service. It also doesn’t need things like curated databases and graphs to function.
To illustrate, Microsoft created an interactive demo that can pull answers from Welcome to Canada 一 the Canadian government’s guidebook for new immigrants and visitors.
To take advantage of the platform, users only have to enter their question into a search box. The platform will then come back with answers ranked in three levels of confidence: High(green), medium(yellow), and low(red).
Microsoft says its search engine Bing also uses MRC technology to handle an unspecified ..

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Tesla pickup truck announcement likely to come in a few months

According to Elon Musk, Tesla will likely reveal its all-electric pickup truck within two to three months.
Musk has been hyping the truck for almost a year, and now it seems like we finally have a rough time frame as to when we’ll see the futuristic pickup.
It’s worth noting that this information is based on one of Musk’s recent tweets so it could very well take a lot longer than a few months.
We’re close, but the magic is in the final details. Maybe 2 to 3 months.
— e^ (@elonmusk) July 27, 2019
Last November Musk said the truck will have cyberpunk and Blade Runner stylings and features a lot of titanium. On top of this, he mentioned that the truck’s design stops his heart and he’s worried that not many people will buy it.
The truck is reportedly massive, seats six, has a possible 400 to 500-mile range option (643 to 804km), Dual Motor All-wheel-drive powertrain with dynamic suspension, a 240-watt electrical outlet and a 300,000 lbs towing capacity.
More recently he stated that the tru..

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