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Nintendo of America president to retire, Bowser to take the helm

– A A + Listen No, not that Bowser: senior vice-president of sales and marketing Doug Bowser will replace long-serving president and COO Reggie Fils-Aimé when he retires on April 15, the video game company announced on Thursday.
Fils-Aimé has been with Nintendo of America for 15 years and has served as president and COO of the company for 13 years.
Nintendo fans, Reggie has a message for all of you. Please take a look.
— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) February 21, 2019
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His tenure with the company began during the GameCube and Game Boy Advance era, and he led the firm through the release of its two most profitable consoles, the Wii and the 3DS.
“Nintendo owns a part of my heart forever,” Fils-Aimé said in a release. “It’s a part that is filled with gratitude — for the incredibly talented..

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As Canada considers ban on Huawei 5G, chairman says he hopes for ‘level playing field’

– A A + Listen TORONTO — Huawei Technologies Inc. is adamant that it won’t abandon Canadian consumers, telecommunications companies and universities, even if the country’s government bans its 5G technology.
Help us improve Take the survey now! Story continues below Speaking through a translator at a media roundtable Thursday, the technology giant’s chairman Liang Hua stressed that he believes there is a way for the business to forge ahead in the country, though he noted the relationship between Canada and the company’s home country China is “not ideal.”
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“If Huawei were to be excluded from the deployment of 5G in the country then there are still customers th..

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New camera technology, current laws make fight against peeping Toms difficult: experts

– A A + Listen Hans School lays out several seemingly household items on the front counter of his Yonge Street store, Spy Tech spy shop.
Among them a pen, a pair of glasses and a coffee cup.
All of them are also hidden cameras.
“The sale of these type of electronic products are always going up,” said School.
“Because as the price goes down more and more people are buying these things.”
Help us improve Take the survey now! Story continues below School adds that the cameras disguised as common objects are advancing quickly in video quality and sound. What’s more, with Wi-Fi and data plans becoming cheaper and readily available, people can live-stream what they see on the other side of their cameras directly on their smartphones as it’s being recorded.
It’s exactly the type of product pe..

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U.K. approval of Huawei 5G networks would give Canada breathing room, expert says

– A A + Listen OTTAWA – Canadian officials will be “cheering from the sidelines” over fresh signals that Britain believes it can manage any security risks posed by Huawei Technologies’ involvement in building a next-generation wireless data network, says an intelligence expert who closely studies the issue.
British media reports say the U.K. National Cyber Security Centre has concluded that with care and safeguards, Huawei equipment can be used in “5G” networks, amid pressure from the United States to ban the Chinese supplier.
Help us improve Take the survey now! Story continues below If Britain gives Huawei a cautious green light, it will allow Canada room to make an independent decision, said Wesley Wark, an intelligence expert who teaches at the University of Ottawa.
“Whether such ..

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Website uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic human faces from scratch

– A A + Listen A software developer has developed an artificial intelligence-powered website which generates a different face from scratch each time you refresh your browser.
Every time a visitor to the website, ThisPersonDoesNotExist, reloads the page, an algorithm generates a lifelike human face – one that doesn’t actually belong to anyone.
WATCH: New artificial Intelligence institute inaugurated in Montreal
The technology was developed by Uber software developer and website creator Phillip Wang, who told Digital Trends that the idea for the project began in 2014 during a conversation with Google deep learning research scientist Ian Goodfellow. Goodfellow introduced the concept of a generative adversarial network (GAN) to produce the images.
Wang used the latest GAN, developed by Nividia A.I. Labs and released by the researchers on GitHub, to train his deep learning algorithm to generate ..

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Sephora causes uproar after cancelling orders that used $88-off promo code

– A A + Listen Sephora customers are speaking out after the company said it won’t honour orders placed with an $88 discount code that was circulating on social media.
The beauty boutique has notified customers that online orders that used the 88OFF code have been cancelled, posts shared to Twitter on Saturday show.
Disgusting practice @Sephora . The poor PR the company will/ IS getting from this will impact your bottom line far……—
Jenny (@jensun_26) February 16, 2019
“The $88 off $100 deal posted on non-Sephora channels is not a valid promotion and is therefore not being honoured,” the company stated, according to several posts.
“Because your order included this promotion, it has been automatically cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this causes.”
@Sephora your website says that the email confirmation is my receipt. So since I have my receipt- a legally binding con..

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Are shadowy agents targeting Canadians who criticize an Israeli spyware firm?

– A A + Listen John Scott-Railton rushed into the Peninsula Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York City, behind schedule, half-soaked from a rainstorm and out of breath. He hurried through the lobby to the hotel’s five-star restaurant, the Clement, praying that the microphone hidden under his tie was still working, and that his lunch date hadn’t bailed.
He felt like a mess as he moved through the swanky hotel. He worried his whole plan was about to fall apart because of a bit of traffic on the way over.
Scott-Railton was set to meet with Michel Lambert, a wealthy entrepreneur who promised him a lucrative business opportunity — one that paid far better than his spyware-hunting job at Citizen Lab in Toronto.
But he says he knew the man he ultimately sat down with for dinner that afternoon was not a businessman named Michel Lambert. According to Scott-Railton, he was an ex-spy from Israel operating under a false name.

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Can a coding boot camp reboot your career?

– A A + Listen Maggie Yang was working as an insurance underwriter in Toronto when she began to realize that business was increasingly moving online. So three years after starting her career in the industry, she decided she needed a reboot — at a coding boot camp.
“I always liked to learn new stuff,” said Yang, a graduate of the University of Toronto with a major in economics and a minor in statistics. “So I started checking out developer courses.”
Help us improve Take the survey now! Story continues below She landed at Lighthouse Labs, one of a growing breed of private schools that teach one and one thing only: coding.
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Less than five months later, she started work as a junior full-stack developer for a U.S. consulting co..

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Canada is handing BlackBerry $40 million to help it develop self-driving car technology

– A A + Listen The Liberal government is giving $40 million in federal money to BlackBerry to help the company develop self-driving car technologies.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata on Friday to announce the support for BlackBerry, the one-time smartphone leader that is now working on advanced software for autonomous vehicles.
WATCH: Dec. 10, 2018 — BlackBerry to unveil technology to allow vehicles to securely communicate with traffic lights

Help us improve Take the survey now! Story continues below BlackBerry says its QNX software is already in tens of millions of cars, guiding systems related to driver assistance, hands-free features and entertainment consoles.
A government official says the federal money, to come from the Strategic Innovation Fund, will go tow..

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Flight attendant puts out fire aboard SkyWest flight after vape pen overheats

– A A + Listen A vape pen’s battery, which overheated aboard a SkyWest flight on Wednesday, caused a small fire to erupt aboard the plane before takeoff in New York, but was quickly extinguished due to the quick action by a flight attendant.
The flight was to travel from LaGuardia Airport to Houston that afternoon when flames shot out of the overhead storage bin, causing smoke to fill the cabin.
Help us improve Take the survey now! Story continues below Rex Sakamoto, a NowThis producer, told CBS2 that it was a scary experience.
“You could tell it was a very strong smell — smelled like a campfire at first,” he said. “Once I realized and someone yelled fire, it was startling, like, wow, I need to get off this plane right now.”
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Telus says ban on Huawei over national security concerns could set back 5G network plan

– A A + Listen Telus Corp. acknowledged Thursday that the deployment of its fifth-generation wireless network could be delayed and more expensive if Ottawa chooses to ban equipment from Huawei Technologies Inc.
Help us improve Take the survey now! Story continues below The Vancouver-based company — which has used Huawei radio equipment in non-core portions of its 3G and 4G wireless networks — continues to believe the China-based company doesn’t pose a big risk to national security.
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However, Telus said in documents accompanying its fourth-quarter and year-end financial results that it can’t predict the outcome of a review of 5G cyber security being conducted by th..

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Oilpatch AI keeps a wary eye on remote wells after human officials go home

– A A + Listen From a computer in his downtown office, Jeremy Bernard calls up live video of an oil well site in rural Alberta, clicking to bring up a cluster of small buildings, then a gravel road that leads across snowy pasture.
The picture is sharp and the camera can detect motion. But its monitoring effectiveness drops off the instant Bernard, chief operating officer at Calgary-based Osprey Informatics, clicks a button to check another wellsite.
Or heads home for the day. Or just stops paying attention.
Help us improve Take the survey now! Story continues below Related In race to dominate artificial intelligence, China and U.S. are winning: UN ..

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