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Telus email outage stretches into 3rd day, and customers say this is ‘intolerable’

– A A + For three days, Telus customers have complained of an outage that has affected the company’s email services.
Telus has offered reassurances that most of its customers can access their email now.
But complaints continue to pour in to the company’s support page on Twitter. And at least one business owner said the manner in which the corporation has communicated is “intolerable.”
WATCH: Nov. 28, 2017 — Complaints about Canadian telecom companies up
In a statement to Global News on Saturday afternoon, Telus said hundreds of team members, including technicians, are working to restore access to email.
“This is a fluid situation, and we are doing everything we can to stabilize all servers as we bring our final customers back online,” said Tony Geheran, Telus’ chief customer officer.
“Unfortunately, the issues with the remaining servers are very complex, which is why this is taking much longer than we would like. We know that our..

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Telus email is down for certain customers — no access, sending or receiving

– A A + Some Telus customers found themselves unable to use their accounts amid an outage that happened on Thursday.
The outage had been taking place since the morning — the company tweeted about it just after 5 p.m. PT.
However, Telus had not tweeted about any resolution of the outage as of 9 p.m.
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Customers were “unable to access, send, or receive email” through those accounts, said a company statement sent to Global News.
“Our technicians are working extremely hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,” the company said.
READ MORE: Canadian telco networks working to fix widespread outages of voice services
“We recognize how important email is for our customers, and we understand this is inconveniencing those who are affected.”
Neither the company statement, nor its social media channels, gave any sign of how long it would be before service was restored ..

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Apple says it is responsible for 2.4 million U.S. jobs

– A A + Apple Inc said on Wednesday it was either directly or indirectly responsible for 2.4 million U.S. jobs, up 20 per cent from the two million the technology company estimated in 2017.
READ MORE: Certain MacBook Pro models banned from U.S. flights amid battery fire risks

Story continues below The iPhone maker said its direct workforce grew from 80,000 to 90,000 in the 2.5 years since its last U.S. job estimate. But most of the estimated growth came from companies such as Broadcom Inc which make parts in the United States for Apple products and from third-party software developers making apps for Apple devices.
App-related jobs totaled 1.9 million, up by 325,000 from its previous estimate, the Cupertino, California-based company said in a news post on its website.
Apple did not say how it arrived at its estimates or how the research was funded. Estimates of indirect job creation can vary widely depending on how the a..

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Humans were transcribing Facebook Messenger and Skype audio

– A A + Facebook has paid contractors to transcribe audio clips from users of its Messenger service, raising privacy concerns for a company with a history of privacy lapses.
The practice was, until recently, common in the tech industry. Companies say the use of humans helps improve their services. But users aren’t typically aware that humans and not just computers are reviewing audio.
Story continues below READ MORE: British case challenges facial recognition in the United Kingdom, home of the security camera
A report last week said Microsoft also uses human transcribers with some Skype conversations and commands spoken to Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana. Microsoft told tech news site Motherboard that it has safeguards such as stripping identifying data and requiring non-disclosure agreements with contractors and their employees. Yet details leaked to Motherboard.
Transcriptions done by humans raise bigger concerns because of the potential..

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Amid ICE raids, Amazon’s government contract comes under fire over surveillance concerns

– A A + Following the largest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid in over a decade last week, dozens of people were arrested at an Amazon Books store in Manhattan, N.Y., on Monday morning for protesting the business relationship between the e-commerce giant and the immigration authority.
Story continues below As ICE raids have ramped up over the past few months, the Seattle-based tech giant has come under fire for its history of selling cloud services technology to ICE through a third-party organization called Palantir, which helps the immigration authority track and target immigrants.
READ MORE: ‘Let our voices be heard’ — Youth march in protest of Mississippi ICE raids
A number of contracts between major tech companies and law enforcement have come to light over the past few years — including Amazon’s facial-recognition surveillance program, known as Rekognition, and Google’s AI military drone project — all..

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Nova Scotia to build ‘100% China-friendly’ website, navigate censorship in bid to grow commerce

– A A + Nova Scotia is looking to build a “100% China-friendly” website as it continues to seek a productive trade relationship with the global trading power.
But the creation of a China-friendly promotional website also means that Nova Scotia must comply with the country’s strict internet censorship regulations, colloquially known as China’s “Great Firewall.”
Story continues below Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), the agency responsible for developing the province’s business interests, issued a tender for the website on Friday asking for web developers to create a website that would launch by Nov. 1.
The tender was first reported by the Toronto Star on Friday.
READ MORE: China’s ambassador makes second trip to Nova Scotia, calls McNeil ‘great friend’
The documents indicate that NSBI wants to establish a website that would draw investors to Nova Scotia and find potential sale opportunities for Nova Scotia exporters.
The tender specifies that the ..

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Push to unionize Foodora could be ‘watershed moment’ for Canadian gig economy: employment lawyer

– A A + A union certification vote is underway for Foodora couriers in Toronto to decide whether they’d like to join the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), and with similar pushes in Canada and beyond, an employment lawyer calls this a potential watershed moment.
CUPW said if the union certification goes ahead for the food delivery workers, it would create Canada’s first certified bargaining unit for app-based workers.
Story continues below Paul Willetts, a labour and employment lawyer, said the fight is very significant — and comes down to whether the workers are classified as employees under Ontario law, which affords them protections such as guaranteed minimum wage, paid vacations and leaves.
“All those protections provide you with certainty, with stability and with an ability to plan your life. So I think that’s one of the things that’s missing for people working in the gig economy, and why it’s more precarious,” Willetts said.
“The fli..

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Huawei unveils smartphone OS to rival Google’s Android amid worldwide mistrust

– A A + Huawei on Friday unveiled a smartphone operating system that it said can replace Google’s Android, adding to the Chinese tech giant’s efforts to insulate itself against U.S. sanctions.
The announcement of HarmonyOS highlights the growing ability of Huawei, the No. 2 global smartphone brand and biggest maker of network gear for phone carriers, to create technology and reduce its reliance on American vendors.
Story continues below READ MORE: China warns of ‘reverse sanctions’ if Huawei 5G is banned in India: sources
U.S. curbs imposed in May threatened Huawei’s smartphone sales by limiting access to Android and blocking Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., from supporting music and other services based on the system.
Huawei Technologies Ltd. wants to keep using Android, Richard Yu, CEO of its consumer device unit, said at a conference for software developers in the southern city of Dongguan.
“However, if we cannot use it in the future we can i..

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London, England pushing cargo bikes in effort to reduce congestion, pollution

– A A + More businesses in London, England are using cargo bikes for deliveries as it becomes prohibitively expensive to operate gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles in the central part of the city.
Driving an older, more polluting car or van in the heart of the British capital can set non-resident drivers back around $39 a day in city charges, which are aimed at reducing emissions and congestion.
The fee can be as high as $178 for buses and trucks.
Story continues below READ MORE: British case challenges facial recognition in the United Kingdom, home of the security camera
In April, London set up its Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) to help reduce the high levels of vehicle pollution recorded on its streets.
The ULEZ covers 21 square kilometres, but will expand significantly in the fall of 2021, when London residents will also lose their exemption from the charges.
Team London Bridge is a business improvement area on t..

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Ontario woman files class action against Capital One following data breach

– A A + A prominent Ontario personal injury law firm has filed a class action on behalf of Canadians affected by the massive Capital One data breach that disclosed on July 30.
Diamond & Diamond’s suit seeks compensation for Canadians who applied for credit cards from Capital One between 2005 and 2019.
“This data breach could have very serious ramifications for those affected with regards to their future finances,” said Jeremy Diamond, managing partner at the firm, in a statement.
WATCH: How to keep your personal data safe from hackers

Story continues below The suit’s representative plaintiff is Rina Del Guidice of Bolton, Ont., who obtained a Costco Wholesale MasterCard through Capital One.
It notes that Capital One also operated credit cards offered by other merchants including the Hudson’s Bay Co.
Darryl Singer, the firm’s lead lawyer on the suit, said in a statement that the stolen information could pose a risk to identity theft for years.

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Owner of 8chan defends website in wake of outages after mass shootings

– A A + The owner of online messaging board 8chan defended the website in the wake of two mass shootings that have reignited the debate over gun control in the U.S.
Story continues below In a YouTube video posted early Tuesday morning, 8chan owner Jim Watkins said the messaging board has around one million users and has “never protected illegal speech, as it seems we have been accused [of] by some less-than-credible journalists.”
READ MORE: 8chan sees sporadic outages following Texas and Ohio mass shootings
“We have responded with both vigour and integrity every single time that a threat of violence has been posted and information for it has been requested by law enforcement,” he said.
Statement from Jim Watkins, owner of 8chan, regarding recent events:
— 8chan ( (@infinitechan) August 6, 2019
8chan has a history of use by violent extremists and came into the spotlight this past weekend ..

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8chan sees sporadic outages following Texas and Ohio mass shootings

– A A + NEW YORK — The online message board 8chan suffered sporadic outages Monday after its cybersecurity provider cut it off for what it called a “cesspool of hate” following mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.
Story continues below But the board, which has a history of use by violent extremists, also quickly found a new online host. That company also provides such support for, another social media site frequented by white supremacists that doesn’t ban hate speech.
8chan was up and down after the security company Cloudflare said it would no longer provide services that protect web sites from denial-of-service attacks that can make them unreachable.
READ MORE: Trump vows ‘urgent resolve’ on background checks after mass shootings, provides no details
The operators of 8chan said there might be downtime in the next one or two days as the site sought a solution, and online records indicated the site had been moved t..

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