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Players will be able to change teams in Pokémon Go next week

On February 26th Pokémon Go players will be able to buy a ‘Team Change Medallion’ and join a new squad.
The Medallion is going on sale at 4pm ET/1pm PT and it is priced at 1,000 PokéCoins to buy, which costs roughly $14 CAD.
Once you buy a Medallion you can’t buy another one for another year.
That’s all the Medallion does, but lots of players are probably pretty happy now that they can join the same teams as their friends.
Source: Niantic
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The cheapest options for getting a Galaxy S10 series phone in Canada

Canadian carriers are all eager to sell you a new Galaxy S10-branded phone and are already offering trade-in deals and incentives in order to bring the cost of the phone down from its hefty price tag.
Not all of these deals will be suitable for everyone, and some may not even be cost-effective in the long run, but if you’re desperate for a Galaxy S10 phone right now, these are the cheapest ways to get one.
The cheapest optionsIf you live in a region that has decent Eastlink or Freedom Mobile service, both of those carriers are offering the S10, S10+ and S10e phones for $0 on contract, which is hard to beat. Although, tying yourself to a smaller regional carrier come with the hassle of having a small home network.
If you’re looking for a cheap way to buy the phone outright, we’ve added a Best Buy deal at the bottom.
Freedom MobileFreedom Mobile is offering every version of the Galaxy S10 series for $0. The phone’s price drops because Freedom is offering up to $200 in trade-in credits wh..

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Huawei Canada reported $428 million sales revenue in 2018

Huawei Canada revealed its 2018 sales revenue in the country amounting to $428 million USD (about $566 million CAD), the company’s global chairman said during a recent press round table.
Liang Hua said that total included telecom carrier business and consumer defined business.
Talking through a translator and to 18 reporters from different media outlets, Liang said that number broke down to about $270 million USD (about $357 million CAD) of sales revenue from its telecom business and about $150 million USD ($198 million CAD) from its consumer device business in the Canadian market.
This would be the first time Huawei Canada reported any of its numbers in Canada, considering the company has been in the country since 2008 and began selling devices in 2016.
The first major phone the company released in Canada was the Nova Plus in 2016, followed by the P10 in 2017 and the P20 in 2018.
Last year Huawei also launched the Mate 20, its flagship phone.
It’s been rumoured for a few weeks now tha..

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Sony’s upcoming Xperia 1 smartphone leaks in regal purple colour

In what’s been a busy day even by his standards, frequent device leaker Evan Blass has shared an image of the upcoming Sony Xperia 1.
In his usual terse style, beyond sharing a render of the device, Blass didn’t reveal any details about the upcoming smartphone. However, the fact he calls it the Xperia 1 is itself notable.
In past leaks, this particular handset has been referred to as the Xperia XZ4. Combined with the fact that Indian leaker Ishan revealed Sony plans to call its other upcoming handset the Xperia 10, not the Xperia XA3 as had been previously rumoured, suggests the company plans to rebrand its flagship lineup.
Xperia 1's pretty sexy in purple.
— Evan Blass (@evleaks) February 21, 2019
It’s worthwhile to note that in past leaks of the Xperia 1 we haven’t seen the side of the phone pictured. Even taking into account other Sony phones, the Xperia 1’s four button setup is unusual.
It appears the Xperia 1 features a power button that is separate..

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Leaked official-looking render of Nokia 9 PureView surfaces before MWC

For the past several months, rumours suggested that HMD Global would launch the Nokia 9 PureView, a handset with five rear-facing cameras. Now an official-level render of the unannounced phone has hit the web.
The render, initially posted by Ishan Agarwal, showcases the seven rear-facing cutouts that include five camera sensors, an LED flash and perhaps a depth sensor.
Exclusive: Nokia 9 PureView Official Renders showing all angles of the phone! Also, Nokia may launch (New!) Nokia 4.2 (in Black & Pink), Nokia 3.2 (in Black & Silver) and (New!) Nokia 1 Plus (in Blue, Black & Red) at MWC. #Nokia #Nokia9PureView #Nokia9 #MWC2019 #MWC
— Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) February 20, 2019
The render also reveals that the phone features an in-display fingerprint scanner and considerably thick bezels.
Agarwal also mentioned that Nokia may launch a couple more devices, the Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2 and the Nokia 1 Plus at Mobile World Congress.
Source: Ishan Agarwal
The pos..

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Galaxy S10 comes pre-installed with Google’s Digital Wellbeing app

It’s not often Samsung phone owners get the chance to be among the first Android users to check out a new Google feature, but that’s the case with Digital Wellbeing and the South Korean firm’s new Galaxy S10 smartphone.
The S10 is one of the first non-Pixel devices to include access to Google’s Digital Wellbeing platform. What’s more, the app comes preinstalled on the new phone.
XDA Developers was the first website to notice Digital Wellbeing’s inclusion on the S10. We’ve been able to confirm the app comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S10 using the review unit provided to MobileSyrup by Samsung. What’s perhaps more interesting here is that Samsung is shipping a stock, as opposed to skinned, version of the app.
Google announced Digital Wellbeing at its annual Google I/O developer conference in 2018, highlighting it as one of the major new tentpole features of Android P. Since then, the platform has only made its way to a handful of Android smartphones, including Google’s own Pixel lineup..

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Pokémon Go photo mode launches on Android for players above level five

Level five and above Pokémon Go players on Android can now use the game’s new picture mode.
Once your device gets the update, the game will have a new camera icon on each Pokémon screen in your bag.
When you tap on the icon, it opens up the camera. Next, you touch on a flat surface to place your chosen Pocket Monster.
Once you place the monster, you can walk around it and interact with the creature by tapping and swiping. Keep in mind that Pokémon are at scale, so large monsters like Snorlax are enormous.
Trainers, #GOsnapshot is now live for level 5 Trainers on Android devices! Level 5 will be the minimum level for Trainers to access this feature. Trainers on other devices, stay tuned!
— Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) February 21, 2019
The game shows you a list of your shots when you’re done taking pictures and asks if you’d like to share them. Whenever you take a photo it is saved to your phone’s camera roll.
The game also mentions that when you’re taking photo..

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The Galaxy S10 is compatible with Samsung’s Gear VR headset

For at least one more generation of smartphones, Samsung will continue to support its Gear VR headset.
In a statement to The Verge, a company spokesperson confirmed Gear VR is compatible with the Galaxy S10.
“Yes, the latest model Gear VR will work. Gear VR comes with an adapter that will work with the S10,” they said.
Moreover, in a separate statement to Road to VR, Samsung confirmed Gear VR is compatible with all four variants of the S10.
The above is, in fact, an improvement over what Samsung offered with the Note 9, which, while it was technically compatible with Gear VR, required an adapter Note 9 owners had to contact Samsung to mail them.
Once a major focus for Samsung, mobile virtual reality has clearly taken a back seat for the South Korean firm. While Samsung announced a variety of different devices at its latest Unpacked event, including new two new smartphones, as well as a variety of new wearables, the company didn’t once mention virtual reality.
Source: The Verge, Road to..

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Google Home is the most popular smart speaker in Canada, says report

One in eight Canadians own a smart speaker device, according to the newest Sneak Peak Report study by Media Technology Monitor, CBC’s research product.
The report, which surveyed 8,000 Canadians via telephone interviews, stated that the Google Home and Home Mini dominated the Canadian market, with 55 percent of sales compared to Amazon Echo’s 22 percent.
It was also found that three-quarters of Canadians used their smart speakers to stream music.
Another interesting finding was that 85 percent of Canadians are concerned about fake news and its impact around the world.
Gen Z (ages 18-29) was reported to be the most concerned demographic on fake news.
In 2018, Google Home was voted as the most intelligent smart speaker by Loup Ventures that year.
You can read the free version of the Sneak Peak Report here.
Source: Cision via Media Technology Monitor
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Special Captain Marvel-themed content comes to five Marvel mobile games

Marvel has rolled out Captain Marvel-themed content across five of its mobile games to celebrate the release of the upcoming Marvel Studios film of the same name.

From now through March, players can check out these Captain Marvel-led in-game events in the following Marvel mobile titles:
Marvel Strike Force — Strategy-RPG Marvel Strike Force now features a new campaign focused on the militaristic alien Kree and introduce both Captain Marvel and her Starforce colleague Minn-Erva.
Marvel Future Fight — Action-RPG Marvel Future Fight now features a special Legendary Battle which includes three new stages, boss battles with the villainous Talos and his Skrull army and Ronan the Accuser’s Kree forces. Players can get movie-inspired outfits for Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, Ronan and Minn-Erva.
Marvel Battle Lines — Marvel’s strategic card battle game now offers film-inspired versions of Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, Ronan the Accuser, Goose the Cat and more.
Marvel Puzzle Quest — On February 28th..

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Amazon is offering nearly $100 off Samsung Gear Icon X earbuds

Amazon Canada is currently offering the Samsung Gear Icon X earbuds for $134.99 CAD, down $95 from its regular price.
The Bluetooth earbuds offer simple tap control functionality and battery life that supports up to five hours of music streaming.
The headphones are available in three colours — Black, Gray and Pink.
If the Gear Icon X buds don’t interest you, Samsung has also just unveiled the Galaxy Buds, which will cost $199.99 in Canada.
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CIRA says 70 percent of Canadians worried fake news could impact election

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) released a research report detailing Canadians’ opinions and experiences with fake news.
The report includes a number of telling stats about the fake news problem, gathered from a survey of over 1,200 Canadian internet users in December 2018. For example, 75 percent of respondents said they came across fake news at least sometimes, and 57 percent said they’d been fooled by a fake news post.
Additionally, 70 percent of respondents harbour concerns that fake news could impact the outcome of the next federal election.
Along with fake news, the report also tackled cybersecurity and internet access issues.
Eighty-seven percent of survey respondents were concerned about a potential cyberattack against an organization with access to their personal data. Further, less than 20 percent of respondents said they would continue doing business with an organization if their personal data was exposed in an attack.
On the access side of things, 69 per..

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