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The CWTA has helped recycled almost 7 million mobile devices

Through its Recycle My Cell program, the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) says it has helped divert almost 7 million mobile devices from Canadian landfills.
The milestone comes as the program celebrates its 10th year anniversary this week.
In 2018, the CWTA says it recycled 431,943 devices alone. All told, the organization has seen 6,985,325 devices come through its program.
If you recently purchased a new phone, the best thing you can do with your old device is find a new home for it. Smartphones, in particular, require a lot of rare earth metals to build, which are notoriously difficult to mine and recycle.
Source: CWTA
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NBC to take back ‘The Office’ from Netflix for its own upcoming streaming platform

Netflix revealed that it will no longer have the rights to ‘The Office,’ as NBC decided to take the show back for its own streaming platform.
The Office will be on Netflix until January 2021, after which it will be moved to NBC’s streaming platform where it will stay for five years.
We’re sad that NBC has decided to take The Office back for its own streaming platform — but members can binge watch the show to their hearts’ content ad-free on Netflix until January 2021
— Netflix US (@netflix) June 25, 2019
NBC said in January it has plans to launch its own ad-supposed streaming service in 2020. It will reportedly cost $10 USD per month (about $13.15 CAD) for cord-cutters but will be free to traditional TV subscribers.
MobileSyrup has reached out to NBC to learn if the service is coming to Canada.
NBC released a statement saying The Office is one of its most prized series.
“We can’t wait to welcome the gang from Dunder Mifflin to NBCUniversal’s new streaming service,” said Bonnie Hammer, ..

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Google Home now makes a great bedtime story companion

Through a promotional video starring Kristen Bell, the actress received recognition for voicing Princess Anna in Frozen, Google Home has become a better bedtime story sidekick.
In partnership with Disney, Google Home can play sound effects and music for a late night storytelling session. It even recognizes where you are in the story and adds a bit of theatre accordingly.

Furthermore, jumping across or repeating a chapter won’t confuse Google Home since it follows you throughout the journey using its microphone and software. If you pause, background music will take over hoping to keep the mood going until you resume.
Three Little Golden Books—“The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” and “Frozen” — are compatible with the new bedtime story enhancement. Costumes are not included.
Google also re-emphasized that the new Google Home feature also works through Home Link. It’s an Android-exclusive parental monitoring app that can grant younglings permission to access Google Home. If allowed, kids may enjo..

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Toronto co-production Alto’s Odyssey on sale for 60 percent off

Alto’s Odyssey is currently 60 percent off on the App Store.
The game, developed by Toronto-based Snowman and various U.K.-based designers, is now available for $2.79 CAD.
Alto’s Odyssey is an endless runner-type game that has you sliding through various desert vistas. All the while, you’ll perform various tricks to string together combos and complete various goals.
It’s unclear how long the price cut will last, although it’s likely it will be for a limited time only.
Alto’s Odyssey can be downloaded on iOS and Android.
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mophie launches new powerstation hub portable charger

Mobile accessory maker mophie has launched a new ‘powerstation hub’ portable battery. With new foldable AC power prongs, the accessory can be used as both a wall outlet at home and an on-the-go portable battery.
Specs-wise, the powerstation hub measures in at 84mm x 84mm x 29.5mm and features a 6,100mAh battery, Qi-enabled wireless charging.
The hub can charge up to four devices at once — two via its USB-A ports (Quick Charge 3.0 15W port, and 5W port), one through its USB-C PD port (18W input/output) and another with the Qi-enabled wireless surface (5W output). The wireless charging surface is coated with a non-slip boarder to ensure devices stay in place while charging.
The mophie powerstation hub can now be ordered from for $99.95 USD (about $132 CAD).
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Hans Zimmer creating sounds for future BMW electric cars

German automotive maker BMW has tapped Oscar- and Grammy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer to create sounds for future electric vehicles.
The Lion Kingcomposer is working with BMW sound designer Renzo Vitale on the sound of the BMW Vision M NEXT concept, which is set to launch soon, as well as future BMW electric vehicles.
According to BMW, the growing range of electric vehicles has created a “gap in the emotionality of the driving experience” in the driver’s seat. Specifically, BMW notes that electric vehicles are known for driving silently, which it says “may lead to an alienation between driver and vehicle.”
With that in mind, BMW is looking to enhance the overall vehicle experience using sounds that were created by a celebrated composer like Zimmer.

“I have always been a BMW enthusiast. As a kid I used to recognise my mother coming home by the sound of her BMW,” said Zimmer in a statement. “I am thrilled to get the chance to design the sound of future electric BMW’s and create em..

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Facebook testing option to turn off annoying notification dots

One of Facebook’s more frustrating features is how it presents little notification badges for various sections of the app.
Thankfully, Facebook has begun testing the ability to turn off these badges for individual tabs, meaning you can now shut off notifications for Watch, Groups and the like at will.
Previously, you would have to open each individual tab to remove the red notification dots.
The new option was first discovered by app researcher and frequent social media tipster Jane Manchun Wong last month and was just confirmed to TechCrunch by Facebook.
Facebook is testing the ability to toggle Notification Dots of the specific tab in the app
This should address the long annoyance of tabs showing notification dots that don’t spark joy for the user
— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) June 1, 2019
According to the Facebook spokesperson, testing of the setting is now underway on both Android and iOS. It’s unclear how widespread the tests are, although Facebook sa..

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Twitter is testing a new desktop user interface

Twitter is already testing out a new desktop user interface after rolling out a revamped take on the micro-blogging platform back in January.
Twitter product manager Jesar Shah (@jesar) confirmed the update is rolling out in a recent tweet. MobileSyrup telecom reporter Shruti Shekar’s desktop Twitter UI has been updated with the new design. That said, no other member of the MobileSyrup team has received the update.
We’re excited that some of you are seeing new experiences we’re testing for On behalf of our amazing team, @ashlie, @m7z, and I are going to give you a little bit more insight into what you’re seeing and why.
— jesar (@jesarshah) May 3, 2019
It’s unclear how many users have access to the new UI. Twitter’s new desktop look more closely resembles the iOS and Android version of the platform when the sidebar that includes ‘Profile,’ ‘Lists,’ ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Moments’ is open.
If you’re included in the test and not fond of the new U..

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Updated Android Auto interface rolling out to some users

The overhauled version of Android Auto is starting to roll out.
Reddit users are reporting that a server-side update is releasing to some users, and it’s bringing the new in-car interface along with it.
So far it seems like only a few people are getting the update, but a user named ‘muirj’ mentioned that they are running Android Auto version ‘4.4.592344.’
It’s worth noting that when I tried to download that app version from APK Mirror, I didn’t get the new interface.
There are still a lot of questions regarding how the new interface runs and the way it acts on the phone when it’s not connected to an in-car display. We’ll update this story once we get the update and can go hands-on with the latest version of Android Auto.
You can read everything we know so far about the in-car operating system in this story. Google also discussed Android Auto’s new user interface in detail during its I/O keynote.
Source: Reddit Via: Android Police
The post Updated Android Auto interface rolling out to s..

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Microsoft’s next Surface Pro could get a Snapdragon processor variant

Microsoft’s next iteration of the Surface Pro, which is tipped to release in 2020, could get an ARM processor variant. This would be the first ARM-powered Surface since 2013’s Surface 2.
According to Windows Central and Petri, ‘Excalibur,’ the internal codename for a version of the Surface Pro, is rumoured to be powered by Qualcomm’s new 8cx processor ARM processor. To be clear, Microsoft will also sell an Intel processor version of the new Surface Pro, according to the report.
Given the first ARM-powered Windows devices to hit the market last year were Ultrabooks, it’s not surprising Microsoft is also planning to release a Surface Pro featuring the same processor chip technology.
Microsoft is rumoured to be working on several new Surface devices set to be released at some point in 2020, including a new Surface Laptop, Surface Book, and an already mentioned Surface Pro.
Windows Central is reporting this year’s changes to the Surface line mostly consist of hardware improvements. That sa..

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‘Bye Bye Camera’ app uses AI to remove humans from your pictures

A new app called ‘Bye Bye Camera’ uses artificial intelligence to remove humans in any photo and fill in the spaces.
The iOS-only app uses several AI tools such as YOLO (You Only Look Once), which is a software that is able to detect the outline of a person in an image. It also uses a separate tool to fill in the background left behind the person’s image.
The app is described as “the camera for the post-human era.”
Bye Bye Camera is part of an art project led by ‘Do Something Good’ and artist ‘damjanski.” This collective has previously worked on a couple of digital projects, including a CAPTCHA that excludes humans.
The Verge outlined that the app does have its flaws as it leaves smears of pixels behind in some images. It is also unable to remove dogs from images.
The app could be useful to remove people from scenic pictures and crowded images. It is currently available in the iOS App Store for $3.99 CAD.
Image credit: Bye Bye Camera
Source: Bye Bye Camera Via: The Verge
The post ‘Bye..

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Steam Summer Sale 2019 on now until July 9

In Canada, the start of the summer means a couple of things: cottage season, camping. If you’re a PC gamer, late June is also the best time to save on PC games with the launch of Steam’s annual Summer Sale.
Starting today and until July 9th, much of Steam’s digital catalogue is discounted, with some titles, such as the excellent Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition — which was developed out of United Front Games out of Vancouver — discounted by as much as 90 percent.
Other highlights include Ubisoft Quebec’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which is currently discounted by 50 percent, making it $39.99, instead of $79.99; and The Messenger, another game developed here in Canada, that’s 30 percent off.
As with past Steam sales events, there’s an ongoing community event. This year, it’s called the Steam Grand Prix. By taking part in the event with your friends, you can get Games from your wishlist for free. Find the full details on Steam’s website.
What do you plan to purchase during the Steam Summe..

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