Google might remove physical buttons from the Pixel 4.

According to YouTuber Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech, who claims he has a ‘credible source,’ the Pixel 4 is set to ditch its physical buttons. This means the device will remove power and volume keys in favour of a capacitive touch alternative.

The Meizu Zero is a handset that completely ditched buttons, speakers and even a charging port. Luckily Google isn’t going that far according to this rumour.

While this seems like an odd design choice for Google, reports suggest that Samsung will also ditch physical buttons with the Galaxy Note 10.

Additionally, HTC’s U12+ featured pressure sensitive buttons that worked with the phone’s Edge Sense. Since Google acquired the majority of the company’s phone-making business, it’s possible that those old HTC employees might want to add a dash of the U12+ in the Pixel 4 series. Google already adopted HTC’s ‘Edge Sense’ and rebranded it as ‘Active Edge.’

However, with Prosser not revealing his source, it’s important to take this rumour with a heavy dose of skepticism.

Google will likely unveil the Pixel 4 and 4 XL in October, similar to previous years.

Source: Front Page Tech, Via: Phone Arena

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