Telsa is on track to release its fifth vehicle, the highly-anticipated moderately priced Model Y crossover tonight at 11pm ET/8pm PT. Here’s how to follow along and what to expect from the announcement.

Tesla is going to livestream the event from its design centre in Hawthorne, California. The event will likely be shown on the Tesla homepage or in its investor relations portal. Alternatively, you can register for the livestream here, and it will provide you with a link to watch it.

What to Expect

Tesla’s Model Y is the company’s second attempt at manufacturing a mass-market vehicle. The Model 3 was the first step in the company’s plan to sell vehicles to regular consumers, and it’s hoping to follow up the success of that sedan with a crossover. The Model Y is a big move for Tesla since its Crossovers have dominated the North American auto market for the past few years, according to

What is known about the Model Y so far is that it’s going to use about 75 percent of the same components as the Model 3. This should help the company keep the cost of the new vehicle down.

Since it’s going to share so much DNA with the Model 3, it means that it’s going to feature the same battery packs and electric motors, according to Electrek. The vehicle is also approximately 10 percent bigger than the Model 3, so it will likely feature less range than comparative trim levels of its sister car.

A shadowy image of Tesla's upcoming Model Y crossover SUV

That said, since the car won’t enter production until late 2020, as reported by The Verge, Tesla may be able to advance the vehicle’s technology enough by then to make up for the added weight.

The automaker is also aiming to produce 2,000 Model Ys per week by September 2020, which means that it is likely releasing slightly before September.

Musk said the Model Y is going to be 10 percent more expensive than the Model 3, according to Electrek. What’s unclear is if that means the car will be 10 percent more than the Model 3 when it launched — or 10 percent more than the $35,000 USD ($47,600 in Canada) base trim.

Model Y

Thurs 8pm PDT

— Tesla (@Tesla) March 14, 2019

As the event nears, Tesla has even shown off a better look at the shape of the vehicle on Twitter. There isn’t much to go on, but it looks much taller than the Model 3 with more rear-trunk space. If you click on the embedded tweet it will show you the Tesla Model Y teaser.

If we’re lucky we may even get some information on the Roadster, V3 Superchargers and Tesla’s heavily teased pickup truck.

Source: The Verge, Electrek, Tesla

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