In another twist to the Huawei drama, the lawyers for Huawei global CFO Meng Wanzhou have filed a lawsuit with the B.C. Supreme Court against the federal government, the RCMP, and the Canadian Border Services Agency.

According to the filing, Meng is stating there were ‘serious violations’ of her constitutional rights as she was apparently detained, searched, then interrogated before she was under arrest. Meng is suggesting that she was ‘under the guise of a routine customs’ check and the law enforcement agencies took the opportunity to ‘compel her to provide evidence and information.’

On Friday, the Canadian government announced it would proceed with its extradition hearing with an arraignment date was set for March 14th in Brooklyn, New York.

Meng was arrested in Vancouver back in December and the United States Justice Department charged her with 13 counts of bank and wire fraud, specifically for a Huawei subsidiary called Skycom.

Source: Toronto Star

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