In a surprising turn of events, Google recently showed off the rear of its upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone.

It’s unclear why Google would tease its next phone so far from its usual October release, which is why some people began to theorize that the tech giant would launch the Pixel 4 at an earlier date. Unfortunately, prolific Evan Blass has debunked this theory with the Verizon’s 2019 marketing calendar.

The calendar lines up with the previous past couple of years of launches and shows that Google will, as usual, announce the Pixel 4 in October. It’s important to note that the calendar reveals when Verizon will begin to start selling the devices, so even though it appears as a late launch for the Note 10 and the 2019 iPhone, it’s likely the two companies will reveal their handsets earlier that month.

Since that theory is demystified, Google’s reasoning for teasing the Pixel 4 remains unclear.

It’s possible that Google wants to tease the phone since rumours suggest that the new iPhones will share a similar design language. However, that’s only a guess.

On another note, the marketing calendar showcases just how bare device launches are for flagship phones in the last two quarters of the year. With LG revealing both its G series and V series handsets at the same time and with Huawei not being allowed in the U.S., we can really see how these three companies are the only ones still standing in the U.S. market. It’s possible that OnePlus may launch another handset this year, and that device would not show up on the Verizon marketing calendar.

Other phones that’ll likely launch in the latter half of the year are Asus’ ROG Phone II, the ZenFone 6 and possibly the Mate 30 series — though Huawei’s plans are now up in the air.

Source: Evan Blass

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