The Moto Z4 reportedly has stylus support after users have been able to use their Microsoft Surface Pens on the device, despite Motorola not fully advertising the feature during launch.

Motorola announced the Moto Z4 a few weeks ago and mentioned a number of new features, such as a 48MP camera, but didn’t mention stylus support.

However, after a Reddit user noticed that the product page stated that the Moto Z4 was “Stylus Compatible with Microsoft active pen protocol,” as outlined by XDA Developers.

The user asked if anyone had been able to successfully use their Surface pen on the device, and another user replied saying his Surface pens worked on the Moto Z4.

It’s interesting that Motorola didn’t advertise or mention the stylus support in their product announcements. Although it’s not a hugely significant feature, users would benefit from knowing the feature existed.

It is unclear why the product page no longer mentions the feature as outlined by XDA Developers, especially since it’s reportedly working.

Source: XDA Developers

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