The OnePlus 7 Pro’s Zen Mode will be coming to OnePlus 6T devices, but the Nightscape 2.0 will not be, according to Android Authority.

The Zen Mode is designed to limit users’ daily smartphone usage. Once a user has reached their daily limit, the Zen Mode prevents them from using their phone for 20 minutes.

When the device is set to Zen Mode, users can still make calls and take photos. The feature is meant to allow users to clear their minds. Users who have the OnePlus 6 and 6T will be able to enjoy this feature.

However, they will not be getting the Nightscape 2.0 feature, which is the company’s long-exposure photography function.

“Because of a hardware limitation, Nightscape 2.0 will remain exclusive to the 7 series,” a spokesperson from OnePlus said to Android Authority in an email.

The Nightscape 2.0 is a function that allows users to take better and brighter photos at night.

The company also told Android Authority that it’s unsure if the screen recording feature will be coming to the 6 and 6T phones in the future.

Source: Android Authority

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