Spotify will soon release a new design that is focused on showcasing podcasts to further spread its efforts to become the go-to place for podcasts.

Now, when users open the app, they will see two bolded headers titled ‘music’ and ‘podcasts.’ The redesign is meant to make it easier for users to access podcasts and find more they may be interested in.

Currently, users have to go through six categories to find the podcast section. The new design will make music and podcast options equally noticeable.

The two categories have also been given three subcategories. Under music, users will see Playlists, Artists, and Albums. Under the podcast heading, users will see Episodes, Downloads, and Shows.

The redesign is not yet available to all Spotify users, with only a number of people receiving the new look. Spotify declined to tell The Verge when the redesign will be visible to all users.

The redesign comes with Spotify’s recent efforts at becoming the go-to place for people who listen to podcasts. The company said it was ready to spend between $400-$500 million towards podcasts in a press release earlier this year.

Once the redesign rolls out, users will be able to navigate through podcasts more easily.

Source: Bloomberg Via: The Verge

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